Friday, January 16, 2009

Ruffles top

Garment: Ruffles top
Colour: Black, Grey
Price: RM 38 *SALES PRICE*
Size: UK 6-UK 10
*Non Restockable*

Elegant Dressy

Have you own a SILKY purple dress?? It's time to grab one now! This dress fit perfectly on fair skin babes! The material is silky smooth! It looks excellent! Last piece available! Hurry!!!!

Garment: Elegant Dressy
Colour: Purple
Price: RM 45 *SALES PRICE*
Size: UK 6-UK 8

*Non Restockable*

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lil Knitted Bluey Dress

This little dress is just so dolly! Wear it and be like a doll!!!

Garment: Lil Knitted Bluey Dress
Colour: Sky Blue
Price: RM 46 *SALES PRICE*
Size: UK 8- UK 12
Status:2 SOLD, 1 piece Available

*Non Restockable*

Long Cardigan

Very Good and Thick Cotton Material!

Garment: Long cardigan
Colour: Dark Grey
Price: RM 39
Size: Free Size (stretchable)

Lil' Yellow

Garment: Lil' Yellow (very good quality with inner lining)
Price: RM 42
Size: S (fits UK 4-UK 6)
Measurements: Bust-34cm; Length-81cm

Modern Purple

A touch of elegance and feminity with silk neckline and eye-catching jewels.
The dress also has a flattering cut which brings out the best in all of us!

Garment: Modern Purple
Colour: Dark Purple
Price: RM 39
Size: S (Fits UK 4-UK 6)
Status: SOLD OUT

Elegant in Red

This dress is just simple yet elegant at the same time. Don't you think you need a red dress after all those dull colours? Why wait more?
Grab it now!
Garment: Elegant in Red
Colour: Red * Comes with the black tie*
Price: RM 55
Size: UK 6-UK 10

Monday, January 12, 2009

Shimmering black

Garment: Shimmering black
Colour: Black
Price: RM 45
Size: Fit UK 6-UK 10
Status:Sold Out

Cupid outift

Garment:Cupid Outfit
Colour: Purple-ish grey
Price: RM 42
Size: UK 6-UK 10
Status: SOLD OUT

Sweet dollie

Garment: Sweet dollie *forever 21*
Colour: Beige
Price: RM55
Size: UK8- 10
Status: SOLD OUT

Dress me in black

Garment: Dress me in black
Colour: Black
Price: RM 48
Size: UK 6-UK 10
Status: Available

Lacey top

Look sexy and simply irrreeessistable in this! Pair it with a mini skirt or jeans and you're set to go!

Garment: Lacey top
Colour: Army green
Price: RM 23
Size: UK 4-UK 6 (adjustable straps)

Status: Available

Checkered Dress 2

Garment: Checkered Dress 2 *Forever 21*
Colour: Mix
Price: RM 55
Size: UK8-UK 10
Status: Available

Artistic half knitted dress

Garment: Artistic half knitted dress
Colour: Beige
Price: RM 46
Size: UK 6-UK 10
Status: Available

Half knitted Flowery Dress

Garment: Half Knitted Flowery Dress
Colour: Beige
Price: RM 46
Size: UK 6-UK 10
Status: Available

Dollie Dress

Garment: Dollie Dress
Colour: White
Price: RM 48
Size: UK 6-UK 8
Status: Available

Sweetness in me

Garment: Sweetness in me
Colour: Light Yellow *inclusive of inner spaghetti*
Price: RM 35
Size: Free (Fits UK 6-UK 10)
Status: Available

Cozy Day

Garment: Cozy Day
Colour: Pink
Price: RM 32
Size: UK 6-UK 10
Status: Available

Mini Red

A classic cheerleader skirt to show off those legs of yours! And it comes in red too which is just oh-so-HOT!
Oh by the way, this mini skirt was owned by my friend. Never been worn b4 as it was too big for her.
Brand of skirt is RIIAN London!

Garment:Mini Red
Colour: Red
Material : Coudaroy
Price: RM 28
Size: UK 6

Today's Simple Grey

Look cute with the slight bubbled bottom and yet sophisticated in this piece..
Just throw on some accessories and it'd be the perfect outfit for a date or a formal dinner!

Garment: Today's Simple Grey
Colour: Grey
Price: RM 45
Size: Free size (stretchable)
Status: SOLD OUT

Friday, January 9, 2009

Half Knitted Dress

Garment: Half Knitted Dress
Colour: Green, Blue
Price: RM 38 *SALE PRICE*
Size: UK 6-UK 10
Status:3 Green sold
2 Blue sold, 1 available
*Non Restockable*